Skeleton X-Ray
January 16, 2014

After creating a skeleton model the next natural step has to be X-Ray-like renders. Right? For me that's how I visualize bones.. a glowy form on a black background. Kind of like this:

You can click the images to get larger versions. I found a way to render these in Blender that gives a nice edge glow but is more transparent in smooth areas. It uses material nodes and the Cycles render engine which is a lot different from how I've used Blender in the past. I'd like to do more with nodes but I'm not sure that you can use both methods in the same render. We probably won't see Dr. Strange examining X-Rays anytime soon.

That makes me want to get a couple of these printed as transparencies. They would look great backlit by a light box or something. If I do it, I'll post images here.

I've generated even larger versions, 1080x1620. Here are those links.
Blue: Anterior, Lateral
Red: Anterior, Lateral
Green: Anterior, Lateral
 RGBY Mirror
January 7, 2014

I wanted to play a bit with Blender's indirect lighting capabilities and this was the result. There was a lot of trial and error to get a decent amount of indirect lighting on the floor but not wash out the details on the Minimates themselves.
In the end this effect is probably better accomplished with colored spot lights.
 2003 Blanks: Blue
February 12, 2012

A continuation of the 2003 Blanks with "Blue".
Two more to go, I wonder what I'll call them.
 Spider-Man Turnarounds
July 15, 2011

Well unfortunately, I didn't get the large rendering project done before Comic-Con like I had planned. As penance, I threw together a couple new turnarounds using existing Minimate models, both Spider-Man. The first is the basic Spidey from the Day-O Dancing Animation.

The second is 'tron-ified' Spider-Man from this post.

I'll have a work-in-progress version of the long teased 'large rendering project' at Comic-Con. If you're in the San Diego area and interested in seeing it, just ask. It should be easy to pick me out from the other 130,000 con-goers, right?
 Site 23-Baker: Exhumation
May 22, 2011

Working through the night to finish a project. I can relate.
 Android Flyby
February 18, 2011

An independent, solitary robotic mascot ventures through a desolate landscape. We do not know where he is going. We do not know where he has been. But his encounter with a towering artifact expands our knowledge of himm... and ourselves.

Eh, whatever. Click through to see another Blender animation that got out of hand.
 Blue Experiment 1
December 7, 2010

I'm working on a somewhat large Minimate rendering project and I've hit a bit of a initiative block. As my mind wanders, I start to play around with various material settings to see what happens. Sometimes they look pretty cool.

It's nothing high-concept or earth-shattering, but I like it. Click for a 1600x1080 version.

I hope to start adding these 'on the workbench' type posts on a more regular basis. Though I need to come up with a better way to describe them, preferably one that I didn't steal from Boyd.

ADDED:I think "Lab Table" is a good replacement.
 Tronified Spidey Render
November 14, 2010

When Disney bought Marvel it seemed inevitable that worlds would collide. With the upcoming Tron sequel, Marvel is producing a series of variant covers with various heavies reimagined in a Tron world.

With my love of all glowy things, I decided a Minimate version of Spider-Man was in order.