Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Contest
November 19, 2013

I know I've commented here about how contests are a good way to motivate me to create something. Here's another example. Diamond Select created a photo contest to promote the new line of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates. They allowed software manipulation to create energy effects, so it was a nice opportunity to learn how to use my new Cintiq tablet.
I've been out of the video game world since the Game Cube replaced the SuperNES. So it was nice that this game features features a lot of the old Capcom characters I knew. Based on screenshots, I tried to replicate the Phoenix and Iron Man effects. The background was some Mega Bloks sets that were handy.

I was never really satisfied with the output, but there was less than two weeks to the deadline. More time probably wouldn't have helped, but I might have tried something more ambitious. Unfortunately the post with all the entries on the Art Asylum web site has been lost to the aether.
 Minimates vs. the Sentinel
June 18, 2009

By early 2004 I had a lot of Minimates. More than 180 of the little guys littered my shelves, even though there were less than 70 distinct figures. Yes, I was (and am) an army builder. It wasn't a choice, I think I was just born this way.

What good are armies if they have no one to fight? This post basically contains detail shots of my top display shelf at the time. It's all my three inchers fighting against the McFarlane Sentinel from The Matrix.