Block Babes
October 12, 2009

We've all heard how bad the economy is. Some people have been hit harder than others. When things get tough, sometimes you have to do things you're not proud of just to get by.

Last spring I needed to make some quick cash so I started up a new Internet venture. As a word of caution, the following post may be Not Safe For Work. Click at your own peril.
 Showgirls Poster
September 3, 2009

The San Diego Comic Con in 2007 was a weird one for me. Instead of leisurely strolling the convention hall or ducking into random panels, I spent most of the first three days taking Minimate photos for DST's Scavenger Hunt contest. It took the lure of Gold and Silver Spider-Man Minimates to make me squander such valuable time.

DST released a couple of the Hunt Challenges before the convention started to allow contestants a bit more creativity. One was to create a Minimate movie poster for a movie beginning with the letter 'S'. My pervy entry is enclosed within.
 Off To Comic-Con
July 19, 2009

I'm going to be skipping updates for the next week or so because I'll be off to the San Diego Comic Con. Normal blog software would allow me to write a bunch of posts ahead of time and set the date for when they would be 'published'. Unfortunately I wrote this system myself and haven't quite implemented that feature yet. Since I'll only have limited Internet access at the show, I don't want to hack something together then have it break when I can't be around to fix it.
As a consolation I'm going to give you a sneak preview of my SDCC costume. I'm obviously too famous now and I have to go incognito. Sure, whatever.