Pantone Project
October 5, 2009

If it isn't already totally obvious, I like things that glow. From LEDs to bio-luminescent sea-life, if it emits light it is good. I also like things that are transparent. Actually translucent is a better word. If light can pass through it, it is good.

I decided to combine those two fascinations into this Pantone project. There was a set of translucent Kubricks that sold for silly money. I couldn't warrant spending huge funds on a Kubrick item, I decided to spend funds on making a Minimate version. Then I made it glow.
 Lord of the Rings - First Pics
June 29, 2009

I was really looking forward to the Lord of the Rings Minimates. I said in a previous post that I am an army builder, this line was made for army builders. Apart from Sauron, Toys'R'Us was the first place to get these on the shelves.

I posted images on the AA boards as soon as I could. I don't remember if I won the race, but I still think the photos came out nice.
 Lord of the Rings - Sauron
June 25, 2009

Touted as the tallest Minimate to date, Sauron was the first Minimate available in The Lord of the Rings line. It was a Tower Records exclusive that you could buy at one price or combine with a LOTR DVD and buy at a reduced price.

These started out at around seven dollars a piece. Then went to five, then to three. Prior to Tower declaring bankruptcy they got as low as one dollar a piece. Each time the price dropped I bought a few more. I had a feeling it was the last three-incher that was going to be made.