Minimate T-Shirts #2
September 17, 2009

In a previous post I created a Minimate mini-poster based on the 'Obey' propaganda imagery. It was just something quick-n-dirty to fill up an empty space.

It turned out to be fairly popular (at least by my standards) so a t-shirt was an obvious next step.
 Ghostbusters Wallpaper
August 27, 2009

Ghostbusters has seen quite the revival lately. Of course it never disappeared, but the recent video game and news about the on-again, off-again sequel has made the property much more visible.

Minimate fans had been begging for Ghostbusters for a long time. For the most part I thought we'd never get official ones. Since my customizing skills couldn't do them justice, I decided to make a wallpaper instead.
 Karate Kid Wallpaper
August 6, 2009

One fact I cannot deny, I am a child of The Eighties. The hair, the music, the movies, the shoulderpads. If I could go back in time and live in that time I would, no questions asked. I'm sure that's just the nostalgia talking and I wouldn't really enjoy The Eighties the way that I did as a kid.
But to be a kid in The Eighties... It wasn't just the half-hour long toy commercials, it wasn't just the sugary breakfast cereals, it wasn't just the rise of Nintendo. There were movies. Movies I watched so many times I can still to this day recite large chunks of dialogue. That repitition burned images on my brain, as it turns out sometimes those images never really existed.