Android Flyby
February 18, 2011

An independent, solitary robotic mascot ventures through a desolate landscape. We do not know where he is going. We do not know where he has been. But his encounter with a towering artifact expands our knowledge of himm... and ourselves.

Eh, whatever. Click through to see another Blender animation that got out of hand.
 Minimate T-Shirts
September 10, 2009

All the world's best and worst philosophies have been expressed on t-shirts. Peace and war, hope and despair, toasters and kittens. So why not Minimates?

Well, for starters, DST doesn't make t-shirts. (Apart from the Hunt contest t-shirt, ahem.) It's probably due to some licensing restriction or something. Maybe they wouldn't sell? That doesn't stop me from using a print-on-demand shop to slap my images on a quality garment.