MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 2
September 24, 2009

The second batch of photos include dangerous animals, radioactive sushi, and a painting of me. Proceed at your own peril.

Check out this link for details on how to enter this year's contest.
 JP1000 & Friends #1
August 3, 2009

Sorry that hiatus was longer than I expected but I always underestimate how much SDCC will take out of me. It was good though. Met some friends, didn't annoy Chuck too much (I hope), and bought a ton of new Minimates.

This post details the construction of the first illustrated episode that I did for the Minimate Headquarters web comic, JP1000 & Friends. It was a small departure from my usual Minimate graphics. Up to this point the Minimates were are featureless blanks. For this image I had to figure out how to recreate the full design.
 Distant Past Vol. 5 - More Single Shots
June 4, 2009

Time went on. Marvel Minimates had been announced, but hadn't shown up in stores. I finally found a more interesting background for the Minimate pictures.

And I started using other toys than the little Innerspace guys. I can't believe that all the toys littering my house all stemmed from that first batch of three inch Star Trek Minimates.