MMMV Hunt #3 - Part 0
October 1, 2009

There's no substantial update today for two reasons. One, I've been spending my Minimate-time shooting photos for the 2009 version of the MMMV contest hunt. You know that one I've been pimping for the last couple weeks. Here's a photo of my Hunt Buddy, Comrade Boris Tiltawhirl Girlieshorts.
Two, I'm running out of material. Chronologically I'm only a year back, and since then I've only done three or four Minimate projects. Once I've posted those, I'll have to make new material. Heaven forfend. :) Maybe I'll start just posting once a week instead of twice. Or perhaps one major project post per week and one little tease post like this per week. We'll see what happens.
 MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 3
September 28, 2009

For the past week or so, I've been posting my photos for last year's MMMV scavenger hunt contest. Guess what. You get another one today. Lucky you.

They say you're supposed to save the best stuff for the end. That way you can wrap everything up with a satisfying 'capper'. Eh, what do they know? I say go out with a large helping of mediocrity. And with that here are the last images from my contest entry.
 MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 2
September 24, 2009

The second batch of photos include dangerous animals, radioactive sushi, and a painting of me. Proceed at your own peril.

Check out this link for details on how to enter this year's contest.
 MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 1
September 21, 2009

A couple weeks ago I posted about the first Minimate Multiverse photo hunt contest. Unsurprisingly, a year later the second iteration of that contest was launched. I had more time on my hands so I was able to put together a respectable entry.

As long as you can define 'respectable' as 24 out of 29 challenges. That's almost 83%. Too many photos for a single entry, so I'll be splitting it up over a few posts. Here's the first piece.
 MMMV Hunt #1
September 7, 2009

The first annual Minimate Multiverse Hunt contest was inspired by a similar contest from DST during the San Diego Comic Con 2007. Since the DST contest was limited to those attending SDCC, the MMMV version was started to let everyone get in on the fun. In fact, the 2009 MMMV Contest has just started so there's plenty of time to put your own entry together.

This post is mainly about the 2007 contest though. Read on for my entries.
 Showgirls Poster
September 3, 2009

The San Diego Comic Con in 2007 was a weird one for me. Instead of leisurely strolling the convention hall or ducking into random panels, I spent most of the first three days taking Minimate photos for DST's Scavenger Hunt contest. It took the lure of Gold and Silver Spider-Man Minimates to make me squander such valuable time.

DST released a couple of the Hunt Challenges before the convention started to allow contestants a bit more creativity. One was to create a Minimate movie poster for a movie beginning with the letter 'S'. My pervy entry is enclosed within.