JP1000 & Friends #2
August 24, 2009

Shortly after the first illustrated JP1000 ep was 'published' I started working on the second. Using the lessons I learned from the first image, I think I came up with a pretty good looking second one.

Things are a bit simpler, there's not as much going on in the background. The big change was the addition of shading. It's not perfect by any stretch, but it's a learning process not a learning... uhm... jump to... perfectness.
 JP1000 & Friends #1
August 3, 2009

Sorry that hiatus was longer than I expected but I always underestimate how much SDCC will take out of me. It was good though. Met some friends, didn't annoy Chuck too much (I hope), and bought a ton of new Minimates.

This post details the construction of the first illustrated episode that I did for the Minimate Headquarters web comic, JP1000 & Friends. It was a small departure from my usual Minimate graphics. Up to this point the Minimates were are featureless blanks. For this image I had to figure out how to recreate the full design.