Stop Motion 2 - Spidey Dances
May 18, 2010

 - Project Date:May 18, 2010

I guess I have a knack for biting off more than I can chew when learning something new. My first attempt at stop motion animation was rough and undisciplined so I was eager to make the next project more memorable.

Since Spider-Man is arguably the most iconic Minimate figure, it was an easy choice. Check out the full video in the link below.

What started as a simple walk across the frame turned into a full minute long routine. I had the movie Beetlejuice on in the background while working on this and things just sort of snowballed from there. It's one of the more memorable scenes and I hope I did it justice. Some of the moves just aren't possible with Minimate articulation so I improvised a bit.

Okay enough with the deception. It's probably obvious that this is not stop motion animation. I didn't take 2000 photos and synchronize them to Harry Belafonte. It's actually a CG animation of a virtual Spider-Man Minimate using the excellent Blender 3D Content Creator.

Creating the Minimate model was not too difficult. After all, I had a physical representation I could take measurements from and replicate. Even creating the Spidey texture maps weren't so bad once I figured out the best way to unwrap the model. For me, the animating was the timesink.

I followed several tutorials to create the skeleton rigging, but without any experience I couldn't tell what features it really needed to behave like a MInimate. Thankfully now I know what I need it do, the next version should be much more usable.

Look for more renders and animations in the future.