Minimates vs. the Sentinel
June 18, 2009

By early 2004 I had a lot of Minimates. More than 180 of the little guys littered my shelves, even though there were less than 70 distinct figures. Yes, I was (and am) an army builder. It wasn't a choice, I think I was just born this way.

What good are armies if they have no one to fight? This post basically contains detail shots of my top display shelf at the time. It's all my three inchers fighting against the McFarlane Sentinel from The Matrix.
 Figuretoon Toy Review
June 15, 2009

When a person develops a hobby of taking 'amusing' pictures of toys, eventually that person will hit a block. They'll run out of funny or interesting ideas. When that happens they tend to fall back on the old standby, toy reviews... done by toys themselves.

I fell into this trap early on. I didn't realize at the time how prevalent it was. When I shot this I thought it was new and interesting, now it's old hat. Oh well, the past is the past. Now I'm on to exploiting all new old cliches.