Recursive Spin
November 21, 2013

I wanted to create a new rendered avatar image for the Multiverse message boards with a different look. Nothing was working until I started experimenting with texture maps. In 3D programs you can effectively 'paste' an image on top of a model. This image can be anything, including a previously rendered image. So I rendered a series of images of a red Minimate falling and spinning away from the camera. Then I changed the color to orange and mapped the red Minimate images onto the torso block and rendered again. 10 iterations later I had quite a pile of images.
Unfortunately, when I animated it the Minimates were falling away faster with each iteration. It looked great for the first few frames, but then everything stretched out like the spaghettification effect around black holes. So I just took a chunk of usable frames, ran it forwards and backwards, and ended up with this.

Not really what I was looking for so I didn't use it as an avatar. Still cool enough to show here though.
 Figuretoon Toy Review
June 15, 2009

When a person develops a hobby of taking 'amusing' pictures of toys, eventually that person will hit a block. They'll run out of funny or interesting ideas. When that happens they tend to fall back on the old standby, toy reviews... done by toys themselves.

I fell into this trap early on. I didn't realize at the time how prevalent it was. When I shot this I thought it was new and interesting, now it's old hat. Oh well, the past is the past. Now I'm on to exploiting all new old cliches.