Lotus Hip
September 23, 2014

When the topic of "redo"ing a Minimate comes up, sometimes Dr. Strange is mentioned. While it is widely agreed the version from the Defenders box set is excellent, it is almost seven years old and some would like to see a new version incorporating recent advancements in Minimate technology. Like extra pieces to show alternate looks.

One request is for a new hip piece to allow a Minimate to sit in a crossed-leg or lotus position. (Yes, I know that's not Strange, but Picard was closer at hand.) Since I have a 3D Printer I took it upon myself to see what was possible.

Here are my various attempts in order from left to right. The first was simply to turn the hip balls vertical, but there was no clearance to actually move the legs. I had to keep tilting and extending until there was enough movement.

This is the final (rough) print. One side is longer so the legs can be more easily placed on top of each other. When they are the same length, the legs tilt and it doesn't look good. It might have worked if you could get the toes and heels to touch, but due to the limited bend of the knee that's not possible.

If anyone is interested in ordering some of these (with higher quality of course), let me know and I'll put it up on shapeways.
 Distant Past Vol. 5 - More Single Shots
June 4, 2009

Time went on. Marvel Minimates had been announced, but hadn't shown up in stores. I finally found a more interesting background for the Minimate pictures.

And I started using other toys than the little Innerspace guys. I can't believe that all the toys littering my house all stemmed from that first batch of three inch Star Trek Minimates.
 Distant Past Vol. 4 - Spaceballs Rip Off
June 1, 2009

Continuing with the multi-panel toons and Innerspace figures. Our good captain gets a little too wrapped up in his own world.

From here on out, the thumbnail images won't be as repetitive as the last few posts.
 Distant Past Vol. 3 - First Multi-Panel
May 28, 2009

My first venture into multi-panel toons. It was originally titled 'Playtime on the Enterprise'.

Say what you will, I still find this one amusing. The timing is off a bit, but it still makes me smile.
 Distant Past Vol. 2 - More Trek & Spacemegs
May 25, 2009

The posts continue with more questionable humor and photography. As a side note, all of these early photos were taken with film. I did have a digital camera at the time, but I wasn't able to do what I wanted with it. There were some interesting conversations when I would pick up the prints.

Check out the full post for a rambling discourse on publishing my first website on 'spacemegs'.
 Distant Past Vol. 1 - First Encounters
May 24, 2009

I hate to lead with such C-Grade material but I have this compulsion (some call it a sickness) to do things in a chronological order. So we start with how I got into Minimates and some attempts at humor using the original Star Trek three-inchers.

Be sure to click on the Read More link for the full post.