2003 Blanks: Red
February 28, 2012

Concluding the 2003 Blanks series (for now) is "Red".
It's a bit of stretch for this image to fit the theme. But it seems to work if you don't think about it too hard..or if you are a recent recipient of light head trauma.
 2003 Blanks: Yellow
February 20, 2012

The 2003 Blanks series continues with "Yellow".
The pavers and reflections came out really nice in this render. I ended up using one of my Vegas photos for the environment map, it really seemed to fit the theme.
 2003 Blanks: Blue
February 12, 2012

A continuation of the 2003 Blanks with "Blue".
Two more to go, I wonder what I'll call them.
 2003 Blanks: Green
January 24, 2012

Time for something a little different. I'm starting a series of Minimate images titled "2003 Blanks". The name comes from the common description of the first batch of two-inch promotional Minimates released in 2003. Coming in four different colors, these were no-frills Minimates without printing apart from the occasional copyright line.

Here's the first image, titled "Green".
(Click img for larger version.)
 Site 23-Baker: Disaster
June 5, 2011

 Site 23-Baker: Assembly
June 1, 2011

Hey hey! Site 23-Baker now has venture funding. Let's get some heavy equipment and non-union labor and get things done!
 Site 23-Baker: Foundation
May 29, 2011

More lifting, more cloth simulation, more sunset. Maybe I'm out of ideas?
 Site 23-Baker: Preparation
May 25, 2011

Good thing they finished. I was running out of words for 'pulling something out of the ground'.

This image shows some of the cloth simulation abilities of blender. I can drape it over objects to get a natural flow much easier than trying to manipulate it manually.