Sci-Fi Custom Contest
July 13, 2009

Time for another post about custom Minimates. Which is really kind of odd as I don't make many customs. Sure there are a lot of Minimates I'd like to have that will never be made "officially," but I just don't have the drive to make them myself.

Thankfully there are individuals who are willing to run contests. These contests will frequently offer very nice prizes. Very nice prizes are exactly what I need to make me get off my lazy ass and make something.
 Distant Past Vol. 2 - More Trek & Spacemegs
May 25, 2009

The posts continue with more questionable humor and photography. As a side note, all of these early photos were taken with film. I did have a digital camera at the time, but I wasn't able to do what I wanted with it. There were some interesting conversations when I would pick up the prints.

Check out the full post for a rambling discourse on publishing my first website on 'spacemegs'.