10th Anniversary Contest
November 28, 2013

Here's a contest entry that wasn't a contest entry. With the 10th Anniversary of Minimates, the Minimate Multiverse ran a contest that featured a lot of San Diego Comic Con promo material. I had a great idea for an entry but I didn't need any of the prizes for my collection. So I made the entry anyway and just excluded myself from the voting.
Everything apart from the cake and the candles were in my model library. So other than the difficult frosting this was really quick to put together.
 Arcade Gamer Doom
January 7, 2012

Posted this on Twitter a while ago and recently realized it never made it here.
Doom seems to be a Donkey Kong kind of guy. Although I'd imagine his personal arcade would have a few more machines.
 Dr. Doom Turnaround
June 22, 2011

Here's another Minimate 3D model, the inscrutable Victor von Doom. This was a very straightforward build. The belt/skirt and holster were easy to put together. The hood and the cape took more effort but still came out nice. It really mimics the look of the plastic Minimate cape.

This would have been posted a couple days ago, but I didn't realize I had forgotten something until after I uploaded the complete video to youtube. I overlooked the clasp on the cape. It existed, I just didn't import it from the other project before rendering the turnaround. I don't know how I missed something so obvious.

 Doombot Turnaround
June 10, 2011

As I complete new Blender projects I'm slowly building a library of models (Minimate and otherwise) that I'll be able to use in the future. Here's one, the Doombot.

I had actually finished this model before he was released in Wave 37, so it doesn't quite match the 'official' figure. There weren't many promotional images that showed a good view either so I tried using some refernce images from the comics. It ended up close, but not exact. Totally missed the chestcap. Oh well.