Battle Beast Contest - Thundegaar
November 26, 2013

Yes, another contest entry. This one was involved creating your own Battle Beast. It was tough to decide which animal, but after many sleepless nights Thundegaar the hippopotamus took form.

Check out the link for many more images.
 Site 23-Baker: Disaster
June 5, 2011

 Site 23-Baker: Assembly
June 1, 2011

Hey hey! Site 23-Baker now has venture funding. Let's get some heavy equipment and non-union labor and get things done!
 Site 23-Baker: Foundation
May 29, 2011

More lifting, more cloth simulation, more sunset. Maybe I'm out of ideas?
 Site 23-Baker: Preparation
May 25, 2011

Good thing they finished. I was running out of words for 'pulling something out of the ground'.

This image shows some of the cloth simulation abilities of blender. I can drape it over objects to get a natural flow much easier than trying to manipulate it manually.
 Site 23-Baker: Exhumation
May 22, 2011

Working through the night to finish a project. I can relate.
 Site 23-Baker: Disinterment
May 18, 2011

Same way the pyramids were built. With massive, massive whips.
 Site 23-Baker: Extraction
May 15, 2011

Be careful, a Skittles commercial may break out at any time.