MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 1
September 21, 2009

A couple weeks ago I posted about the first Minimate Multiverse photo hunt contest. Unsurprisingly, a year later the second iteration of that contest was launched. I had more time on my hands so I was able to put together a respectable entry.

As long as you can define 'respectable' as 24 out of 29 challenges. That's almost 83%. Too many photos for a single entry, so I'll be splitting it up over a few posts. Here's the first piece.
 Figuretoon Toy Review
June 15, 2009

When a person develops a hobby of taking 'amusing' pictures of toys, eventually that person will hit a block. They'll run out of funny or interesting ideas. When that happens they tend to fall back on the old standby, toy reviews... done by toys themselves.

I fell into this trap early on. I didn't realize at the time how prevalent it was. When I shot this I thought it was new and interesting, now it's old hat. Oh well, the past is the past. Now I'm on to exploiting all new old cliches.