Minimate T-Shirts #2
September 17, 2009

In a previous post I created a Minimate mini-poster based on the 'Obey' propaganda imagery. It was just something quick-n-dirty to fill up an empty space.

It turned out to be fairly popular (at least by my standards) so a t-shirt was an obvious next step.
 Multiverse Wallpaper Contest
July 16, 2009

This was a time frame where there always seemed to be an interesting contest running at the Minimate Multiverse message board. As a result we come to the third consecutive contest post. The only restrictions on this contest were that it had to be Minimate related (naturally) and contain the Multiverse logo.

There was one thing about this contest that seemed helpful at the time, but ended up making things more difficult.
 Bus Stop Series
July 2, 2009

Here's a series of photos that I'm actually kind of proud of. I had purchased one of the Kaws Kubrick Bus Stop sets on clearance from an online retailer and ended up being more interested in the bus stop than in the Kubricks.

I whipped up a few quick-n-dirty poster replacements, grabbed my tripod and LED lighting array, and just started shooting.