Bus Stop Series
July 2, 2009

 - Project Date:February 15, 2006

Here's a series of photos that I'm actually kind of proud of. I had purchased one of the Kaws Kubrick Bus Stop sets on clearance from an online retailer and ended up being more interested in the bus stop than in the Kubricks.

I whipped up a few quick-n-dirty poster replacements, grabbed my tripod and LED lighting array, and just started shooting.
I don't really want to over-analyze these photos. I like the mood and color. It really shows how emotive these little bits of plastic can be. That's probably why I like the 'blanks' so much. It's more fun to imagine what they are thinking if they don't have a face doing it for you.

These were released back in 2003 to promote the new two-inch scale. There were four colors produced, but at the time I didn't have the yellow version. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't use one in this photo shoot. I think the yellow would have overpowered the mood of the shots and been too distracting. RGB is all you need right?

When these were given out at the summer conventions in 2003 they were very easy to come by. eBay was littered with them, and the Art Asylum Collectors Club was giving them away to all the members. Odd thing about that, the AACC was primarily Star Trek fans looking for an easy solution to getting the various exclusive 7" action figures. Most didn't care much for Minimates and were trading them away for a pittance.

Had I any foresight, I would have purchased all I could. Alas I was pretending to be practical and I set a limit for myself. I wouldn't spend more than two bucks on one. I was able to get a few at that price, but I could have had so much more.

As you might have guessed, these blanks have become somewhat rare in packaged form. At their peak the hit up to $70 depending on color and which convention was listed on the bag. Of course I opened mine, but I have no regrets about that. These are toys and they need to be played with photographed.

That 'obey' poster you see there will probably be showing up in another post. To my surprise, it turned out to be a popular design. When I went to make a T-Shirt out of it, I found the resolution wasn't adequate for printing. It had to be recreated from scratch. Now I use that outline style on most of my Minimate graphic design works.

Since I have the originals for these photos, I went ahead and rebranded them with new 'watermarks' as the old ones were too obtrusive. You can click any of the images to get a larger version.