Minimate Labs: Battlestar Galactica Propaganda
 Battlestar Galactica Propaganda
October 26, 2009

 - Project Date:June 16, 2009

I've written previously about my fondness for the propaganda-styled imagery. It was brought back into the public eye with the Obama "Hope" image and its subsequent countless parodies.

The annoucement of more Battlestar Galactica Minimates as Toys'R'Us exclusives gave me a chance to get in on the act.
The Battlestar Galactica Minimates made it through four waves, a bunch of Cylon assortments, and a few box sets before things died out. There were two more waves and a "New Caprica" box set that were planned but just didn't have enough retailer interest to go into production. These sets contained many requested characters including all the remaining Cylon skin-jobs. But without the purchase numbers it wasn't in DST's best interest to forge ahead. Enter Toys'R'Us.

Starbuck single
Adama single
Six single

Recently Toys'R'Us has shown more interest in the collector market and put more niche products on their shelves. Diamond Select and TRU worked out an agreement to get BSG (and other properties) into their stores. Not only did that bring back the cancelled fifth and sixth waves of Minimates, but it also gave life to the Viper and Raider Miniflyers.

Starbuck single
Adama single
Six single

When the TRU/DST deal was announced, I quickly went to work on these propaganda style posters. They're really not too difficult to make, as there are only five colors used. The only trick is deciding where one color ends and the next begins.

Initially I started off with the TRU versions at the top, but decided I didn't want to be a total shill and developed some background variations. I tried to put a Minimatized version of the Battlestar behind Adama but I couldn't get the look right so his background is empty for now.

Community response was good, so I started on a second batch including Boomer and Baltar. The problem was coming up with a concise phrase to use for the bottom. I never did think of any. The characters didn't seem to fit together either, so I didn't bother creating another triptych like the first batch.

The phrase underneath the Centurion is a reference to another popular toaster.

I've heard she can fly.

This D'Anna Biers was a request that came out really nice. I'd like to do more with it, but once the character was 'boxed' she totally fell off the radar for me. I plan on rewatching the series soon and I'll be sure to record any ideas that might work well with this propaganda style imagery. I love making these things. I should probably branch into other properties... Ghostbusters? Star Trek? Oooh Terminator would look good. No fate, right?