ADV Films Extraction
June 22, 2009

 - Project Date:March 17, 2004

For me, the most frustrating thing about promotional Minimates is that they aren't always formally announced. Companies would contract with AA (or now DST) to produce a special Minimate just for them. AA/DST would do the manufacturing, but the company would then distribute however they saw fit. Sometimes promoting it, sometimes not. In some cases it takes a random Minimate fan to discover them and share their existance with the community.

That was the case with the last three-inch promotional Minimate, from ADV Films. There was a post on the old AA message boards that basically read, "Does this look like a Minimate to you guys?" Sure enough it was, and it came packaged like no other Minimate before or since. Oooh, a teaser.
Okay, that probably wasn't much of a teaser to anyone in the Minimate world. You all know the ADV Films Minimate came packaged in a bar of soap. But hey, I do have some non-Minimate readers that don't know about the soapmate. Hi Mom.

Heh, dusty shelves. You never see those in toy pictures. Anyway, back to the ranting about promo-mates. I love the promos, I just wish they were easier to get a hold of. There's no "thrill of the hunt" for me. I just want to go to a website, purchase how many I think I need and be done with it. There's one promo out there right now (from ComicsPRO) that it seems only one Minimate-fan has.

I understand, these companies don't necessarily make these promo-Minimates for us, the fans. They make them to promote their products, or enhance their brand image, or some such thing. Doesn't mean I have to like it. That one from ComicsPRO will probably be given away at SDCC this year if you go to their booth, or their panel or something. Anyone who wants one will probably be able to get one. But it's just the lack of information and uncertainty that gets me. I want it now dammit. :)

The more I think about it, it really is the uncertainty that drives me nuts. Who knows what other promo Minimates have been made and simply given out to industry trade groups and just sit in someone's office drawer never to be loved by the Minimate community. Okay, laying it on a little thick there. But just think, if that one AA board member hadn't noticed the Minimate-shaped-toy in that bar of soap, would we even know these existed?

That's enough ranting for now, maybe I should actually talk about this guy. He's a Minimate encased in glycerine, wrapped in a layer of cellophane, wrapped in a cardstock sleeve. Kind of like a Kinder Egg that instead of choking small children, will keep them clean for a brief period of time.

Sure, I could have just cut him out with a warm butter-knife, but where's the fun in that? I had a heat gun and I wanted to use it.

I jury-rigged this contraption so as not to burn my fingers trying to melt the glycerine. There was a container at the bottom to catch the liquid so that I could remold it and reuse it. Waste not want not, right?

It was at this point I realized, I had a problem. And it wasn't the liquid glycerine being blown across the table by the heat gun instead of neatly dropping into the container I provided. The exposed bits of the Minimate were melting. Just a little bit, but enough that I noticed. So I did what I should have done in the first place.

The joints were really loose either from the heat or the soap and it took a while before it could hold a pose. Nevertheless, it quickly took its rightful place in my Minimate compound.

It should be noted that at least one person has had their glycerine spontaneously melt while just sitting in the closet. I haven't noticed anything weird with mine, but I do keep it in a sealed bag, just in case.

Interesting fact: I still have some of the original soap from this experiment in a dish in my spare bathroom. Yes, I am a dirty boy. Dirty, dirty!