MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 2
September 24, 2009

 - Project Date:September 21, 2008

The second batch of photos include dangerous animals, radioactive sushi, and a painting of me. Proceed at your own peril.

Check out this link for details on how to enter this year's contest.
Here's a follow up to the first batch of scavenger hunt photos.

10. Picture of your minimate with something really... really... really... small.
To find something small, Agent Velour had to visit the local evil biochemical laboratory. You can tell it's an evil laboratory because it's rather dark and has all sorts of green glowy bits. The microsopic lifeforms displayed in the monitors are a particularly virulent strain of the anti-ambulatory retrovirus, Stubinium Captainia. This particular entity is responsible for the radiating waves of pain experienced when a lower extremity encounters an immovable object. Discovery of an antidote would mean blind walks to the bathroom in the middle of the night could be taken without fear. Truly a blessing for all mankind.

11. Picture of your minimate having a party with other toys.
Velour is a close personal friend with the Hutts, so it was no surprise when he received the invitation to Jabba's Birthday party. It was a grand affair filled with booze, flavored tobacco, and fancy party hats. A number of surprising facts came to light during this party.
  • Optimus Prime is nearly unbeatable at Twister, but sucks at Pictionary.
  • Rockband is much more entertaining alternative to Max Rebo.
  • Wall-E is a mean drunk... and maybe a little racist.

12. Picture of your minimate in a jungle.
The jungle is dangerous place where giant apes battle giant crocodiles in a quest for carnivore superiority. It wasn't until somebody reminded Donkey Kong that he was actually a herbivore that the tables finally turned. Even if he were to kill the other beast, he would lack the teeth to chew it and the stomach acid to digest it. That was just the distraction the crocodile needed. While Donkey Kong pondered his dietary needs, the alligator slipped behind him and slit the gorillas throat with a bowie knife. So much blood...

13. Picture of your minimate playing a sport.
Vicious ducks also prowl the jungle floor. Swiping delicious popsicles from innocent snakes and piranhas. They are a menace. Thankfully after an act of congress it was declared legal to hunt these ducks without the need for a license. What nobody realized, of course, is that these ducks are excellent marksmen marksducks(?) and very committed to defending themselves. It's been an arms race ever since that legislation was passed. AK-47s are being shipped in from Los Angeles. M-16s arrive from Detroit. It's even been rumored there's been a nuclear detonation, although the ducks vehemently deny it.

14. Picture of your minimate pretending to be Shanester.
I am the very model of a modern Major-General,
I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical.

15. Picture of your minimate being eaten by another toy!
Well, remember that evil laboratory from earlier? It turns out the evil lab assistant is a sneaky little muppet. He silently watched Velour identify the retrovirus. He waited in the wings while Velour painstakingly searched for an antidote. He hid in the curtains while Velour decorated the Christmas tree. Only revealing himself after the antidote was confirmed.

As it turns out the lab assistant didn't care about the retrovirus or its antidote. He just thought Velour would make a nice garnish for his Minimate frozen radioactive dessert. (Note to DST: Licensing opportunity.)

16. Picture of your minimate painting a picture of you.
To call Agent Velour 'multi-talented' would be a considerable understatement. In his line of work you must be able to kill a man using only two fingers and an owl, then go back to playing your game of Parcheesi without missing a beat. By comparison painting is child's play to him. Creating a portrait of the great Renaissance Fighter Ivan Drago took him a skant twelve minutes. Five of those were spent trying to find his box of crayons. I'm no art critic, but I'd say it meets all ten requirements for being a masterpiece.

The third Hunt contest is going on now, and you can enter. Check this link for details.