Distant Past Vol. 2 - More Trek & Spacemegs
May 25, 2009

 - Project Date:March 2003

The posts continue with more questionable humor and photography. As a side note, all of these early photos were taken with film. I did have a digital camera at the time, but I wasn't able to do what I wanted with it. There were some interesting conversations when I would pick up the prints.

Check out the full post for a rambling discourse on publishing my first website on 'spacemegs'.
Back in the early AA forum days, a member/moderator portioned out an area on his website and allowed members to setup their own little sites. The site 'spacemegs.com' looked to be a simple web-hosting reseller small-business, but it was free to forum members. I jumped on it early and created "Ivan's House of Minimate Fun". Yeah, I know, tacky. But that was kinda the point.

I used it as dumping ground for all these Minimate photos and one or two custom Minimates I made. It wasn't pretty or special, but it was fun. At one point there were around 30 different member sites on the spacemegs site, but there were only two or three of us updating regularly. The only way to keep people coming back to a vanity site is regular updates. Hopefully I'll be able to keep that up here.

As with anything free, you get what you pay for. (Cliche city.) Spacemegs went down for weeks at a time then one day, it never came back. Questions 'why' were never answered. I think the owner went on to a different project and stopped caring about the site and its users.

I had backups so I didn't lose anything, but others weren't so lucky. Of course if it was important to them, they would have backed up too.

It wasn't worth it to me at that point to go setup my own hosting account somewhere to get these images back online. The effort didn't justify the rewards. If I wanted to post anything on the forum, there were photobucket-type sites for that.

You'll notice these paragraphs keep getting shorter and shorter. That's because I have more images than I thought and unfortunately they're not amusing enough to stand on their own.

Case in point. The dialogue is blantatly stolen from Red Dwarf, and without that context it makes no sense. With the context, it adds nothing the original. Imagining McCoy with 'droid rot' may be amusing but it's a stretch.