Distant Past Vol. 5 - More Single Shots
June 4, 2009

 - Project Date:July 2003

Time went on. Marvel Minimates had been announced, but hadn't shown up in stores. I finally found a more interesting background for the Minimate pictures.

And I started using other toys than the little Innerspace guys. I can't believe that all the toys littering my house all stemmed from that first batch of three inch Star Trek Minimates.

I didn't get into the Muppets as hard core as some folks did. I'm just not as tied to the source material as some people. But damn, Palisades made some great toys. From the playsets to the Megas, I don't think there was a dud in the bunch. I miss that company.

I think this was about the time I started getting in deep with Minimates. On one of my toy runs (looking for the new Marvel Minimates) I popped into a Spencer's Gifts store and found this KISS set on clearance. I bought one, took it home, and started playing. The next day I went back and bought the rest of the sets. If I knew I was one day going to create the Minimate Database, I would have kept one packaged instead of buying it again years later on eBay.

Here's the hairpiece from the Rob Zombie Minimate. I think this one was shortpacked because he was so much cooler than the rest of them. (Or that he had more parts and was more expensive to produce...)