Minimates vs. the Sentinel
June 18, 2009

 - Project Date:February 16, 2004

By early 2004 I had a lot of Minimates. More than 180 of the little guys littered my shelves, even though there were less than 70 distinct figures. Yes, I was (and am) an army builder. It wasn't a choice, I think I was just born this way.

What good are armies if they have no one to fight? This post basically contains detail shots of my top display shelf at the time. It's all my three inchers fighting against the McFarlane Sentinel from The Matrix.
This is going to be another picture-heavy, text-light kind of post. As I wrote in the introduction, I am an army builder. There's something satisfying to me about having a group of identical figures standing together. It's probably related to my enjoyment of numbers and patterns.

Take this Gorn shot for example. Only one Gorn was ever seen on Star Trek. So we don't know whether all members of that species look the same or not. It could be that only the captains get to wear the sparkly eye protectors. Or maybe that particular Gorn that fought Kirk had a penchant for shiny golden tunics. Who knows. Despite the history, having a group of them standing together is more visually appealing than just one.

In this shot you can see a large group of Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden Minimates. This is probably more justifiable to some people than having an army of Spocks or Kirks. It can be rationalized that these are armies of mummies and wolfmen. (All with crosses on their chests?) I wonder if that's the reason AA packed more of these guys in a case than the other two.

Bear in mind I made this caption before I had any knowledge of the role of tentacle monsters in certain Japanese anime. Ignorance is bliss my friends. Ignorance is bliss.

I never noticed this before, but it looks like most of the Minimates being attacked by the Sentinel are the Star Trek ones. I don't know what to read into that. I do like Star Trek, honest.

This is my favorite shot of the series. With all the tentacles in the back you get a sense of the chaos of the battle and Bruce Lee's resolve to win self-determination for the South Moldavian people. That is why they are fighting, didn't you know?

Another favorite shot. More for the composition than anything else. I like the shallow depth-of-field keeping Kirk out of focus in the background. It adds a lot of depth. Wish the background was better though.

I don't know if Mr. T can use nunchucks in the real world, but in my world he's actually quite proficient with them.