MMMV Hunt #2 - Part 3
September 28, 2009

 - Project Date:September 21, 2008

For the past week or so, I've been posting my photos for last year's MMMV scavenger hunt contest. Guess what. You get another one today. Lucky you.

They say you're supposed to save the best stuff for the end. That way you can wrap everything up with a satisfying 'capper'. Eh, what do they know? I say go out with a large helping of mediocrity. And with that here are the last images from my contest entry.

17. Picture of your minimate desperately seeking Susan.
The interesting part of this shot is not the water cooler or litle chair in the foreground. The dark expanse of negative space in the background is enough to keep me up at night. What goes on back there? Is it in a cave? It looks like your standard, everyday business office, right? What kind of office has a dark, menacing chasm of death?

Oh yeah, they all do... It's called accounting.

18. Picture of your minimate somewhere very high.
Minimate Labs does not condone nor endorse real or simulated drug use. Especially if it involves a single red tennis shoe and a couch chicken. Those two greenish dots near the top center of the photo are actual from my neighbor's demon cat staring into my soul. She doesn't condone drug use either. Couch chickens are negotiable.

19. Picture of your minimate running for president of the USofA!!
This photo is actually from Agent Velour's declaration to run for president of his condominium association. He ran on the daring platform of popsicles and cryogenically frozen alien fetuses for everyone. His running mate Buford was a man of few words, but he had a solid plan for adding a new hedge on the east side of the property without increasing member dues. Sadly, Velour's campaign failed when the association newsletter broke the news that Buford once spent the night in the hire of a married woman. Buford left the association in disgrace and now sanitizes the rental shoes at Wilma's Funtime Bowler-rink.

20. Picture of your minimate re-enacting a scene from a video game.
Coily wasn't bad, he was just misunderstood. He just wanted to be Q-Bert's friend you know. Yeah, he came off a little over-bearing... maybe even stalkerish, but can you blame him? He was just a lonely snake looking for companionship.

22. Picture of your minimate on a camping trip.
Ahh, the great outdoors. Where there are no giant robots to deactivate. No shreiking space monkeys to kill. No sandwich-crazy lead guitarists to subdue. Sounds a bit dull, actually. At least there's fire. Fire is good.

24. Picture of your minimate with another minimate made entirely from foodstuff.
Courageous pickle man. He was dying you know. Agent velour was there in his final hours, comforting him, distracting him from the pain that flowed through his emaciated, green body. Everybody knew the brine transfusion was a desperate, last-ditch measure and likely wouldn't save the pickle man. But they had to try. Dammit! They had to try.

At his funeral, Lady Pickle and the Vlasic stork were able to put aside their differences long enough to pay final respects.

25. Picture of you & your minimate recreating a famous saying, phrase or quote.
Time clouds all minds. No that's not the quote being referenced here. Unfortunately I can't seem to recall what the quote is supposed to be. This was taken at the end of a particularly late night of shooting and (like many things that happen at that time of the night) it made sense at the time. The best I can come up with is the old Magritte "This is not a pipe" painting/declaration/movement/thingy. How a skull and glowing green balls factor in, I cannot say. If you have a better idea of what this photo might mean drop me a message.

That is the conclusion of my 2008 scavenger hunt photos. The 2009 version is underway and they're awarding creativity. Check out this link to see where to send your photos of green glowing balls.