MPb Minimate Contest Entry
June 11, 2009

 - Project Date:October 2, 2003

A few months after the heralded Marvel Minimates arrived on retail shelves, the website Millionaire Playboy announced a Minimate Contest. You could enter pretty much anything as long as it was Minimate related. Given my "experience" I decided to enter a figuretoon. A big figuretoon.

It ended up being ninteen different photos split up into seven panels. Even by today's standards those images are pretty big. Click the link to see the whole thing.
Millionaire Playboy is a pop-culture bloggy-type site before everybody had their own pop-culture bloggy-type sites. They had a few contests early on to drum up a little publicity and get their name out there. It worked on me with their Marvel Minimates Contest. It was an open contest, you could enter anything as long as it contained a Marvel Minimate. Since I had a bunch of those I decided to create a big figuretoon. Big quickly became Real Big because I could never be bothered with an editor.

Unfortunately it looks as though the other entries were lost to time. Even The Wayback Machine ( doesn't have the content. I wish I could remember what the other entries were. If you click that link you can see the voting results. Yep, that's my name up at the top. :) At the time the SDCC exclusives in the prize pack were more desirable than the Single Packs. How times change. The regional distrubtion of those packages make them fairly desirable to certain collectors.

Some notes: I'd like to make these smaller, but when I try the word balloons are too hard to read. Anyway, let's get on with it.